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LinkedIn Training For Professionals

LinkedIn Training For Professionals

Learn how to create a well grounded personal and professional brand on LinkedIn to increase your chances at job searching, brand marketing and so on …


Created by: Misbawu Abdallah


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What you will learn

  • Create a profile that stands out with all the tricks, pro tips and components demonstrated

  • Build your network, connect to other industry professionals and become a prospect for employers

  • Explore how to create and manage a LinkedIn page for a business, organization, etc. and learn how to curate and share relevant content to increase brand engagement

  • Use LinkedIn as a medium to be successful at your personal brand and online presence

  • Use LinkedIn newsletters, article features, groups and so on to create a global audience and a community

  • Delivery Mode: 100% Virtual | Self Paced
  • Duration: 4 weeks 


This is a 4-week virtual training program created to equip creators, influencers, employees, business owners, and job seekers with the knowledge and skills they need to create and excel in the LinkedIn world.

The trainer gives practical lessons on brand management, LinkedIn account/profile creation, job searching strategies and so on that will give you an online voice and become a taught leader in your field of work.

It is recommended for anyone seeking to build an authentic online presence for their personal use, business, organization, etc.


After course completion

Certificate of Completion

Digital Badge

Lifetime Coaching and Opportunities


  • Personal computer
  • Good/strong internet connection
  • No previous knowledge required

About the trainer

I am a result driven brand designer with over 4 years experience using the Adobe Creative Suite to develop better UI/UX, brand identities and digital marketing efforts for founders and organizations.

Since founding EPDL Training, I’ve trained 600+ students, business owners and young professionals with diverse IT skills such as this course and many others. Join me as we make this program a great success.

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